Reviews Filton Sibley Detective in “Foresight” (Part of the Filton Sibley Novel, “Interludes of Evil”)

Agatha Christie meets Fletch
“Foresight is a fun, quick-paced permutation of classic English country house murder mysteries. Chicago detective Filton Sibley brings brash humor and wise-cracking one-liners that leave his fictional audience shaking their heads and readers laughing at his quirky perceptions and penchant for saying what he thinks. There’s plenty of intrigue, too, that keeps readers guess “who done it” till the very end. This irreverent “Agatha Christie meets Fletch” approach is jolly good!” – Gail Harkins,

The Detective with a Silly Name
“With a cast of unlikable characters, including the hero, how can you find the actual killer? Everybody has a motive, and everybody has a secret, and nobody is in a good mood. Fast paced, clever, funny, and a maze of twists and turns make this a fast read, and a story well told. An American in England, stirring up trouble is always a good place to begin. I liked it, and I will read more from this author. The hero we hate to love or love to hate. Either way, more of Filton Sibley, bumbling, stumbling detective with a silly name is the order of the day.” – SweetMysteries

Snorting and laugh out loud moments
“When I picked up this book, I didn’t expect to see such good humour! It was a lot of fun, with a great well-rounded set of characters, and a few snorting and laugh out loud moments. I certainly didn’t expect the final outcome. If you want a light-hearted quick mystery, with a lot of amusement, then I would highly recommend it.” – Leigh Hunt,

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