Interludes of Evil, The Novel

cover1rjThere’s an evil descending on Chicago. A darkness emanating from the very bowels of the Windy City, to the top of its tallest skyscrapers.

(And if you’ve ever had a darkness emanate from your bowels, you know how painful that can be!)

This is a terror unknown to America in the late 1980’s, and only Chicago detective Filton Sibley can stop it. But before it’s over, he’ll be changed in ways he never imagined.

He’ll be framed for murder – twice!

He’ll fight thugs, kingpins, gang members, ninja cowboys, and nature itself.

He’ll have done – laundry!

But it gets worse than that. He’ll lose more than he ever thought was possible as he fights through cases trying to get to the truth.

From the depths of Chicago’s subway tunnels to the ledges of skyscraper penthouses; from Chicago to Alaska, to England, and the wilds of the forest, he’ll have to battle the villains trying to turn Chicago, and all of America, into a playground for evil.

It’s a good thing he loves stopping bad guys as much as he loves thick pizza and cool jazz…

Get the book now!


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