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Case 401: Laundry, Interrupted

It’s called CleanLand, and if I have todo laundry (not one of my favorite things), at least I can get a good beef and sausage combo there around the second load. But this laundry day would be different, and I … Continue reading

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Case 353: Foresight

So, here I was. On a freakin’ vacation for the first time in…um, never. And I end up in a mansion full of crazies solving a murder. Wow, that does sound like fun. England of all places, but hey, I … Continue reading

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Case 341: Death by Subway

You know those days it just doesn’t pay to wake up? Especially in my apartment (don’t tell my mom…I haven’t done laundry in about a month). Someone is tying people up in front of subway trains in the bowels of … Continue reading

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Welcome to Chicago

The Big City. The City of Broad Shoulders. Miles of traffic, millions of people. Crammed into an urban cesspool that wreaks of sin and corruption. Chicago. My Kind of Town. Yeah, I love this city. You will too. We’re way cleaner than that … Continue reading

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