Welcome to Chicago

The Big City.

The City of Broad Shoulders.

Miles of traffic, millions of people. Crammed into an urban cesspool that wreaks of sin and corruption.

Chicago. My Kind of Town.

Yeah, I love this city. You will too.

We’re way cleaner than that other big city (not to name names, but I will just abbreviate…NYC). Our basketball team is better too…Go Bulls!

Like pizza? You’ve come to the right place. But it’s no skinny, flat, cardboard pie like they con off in That Other City. No, we like it deep dish baby.

Step into Uno’s, Due’s, or even Gino’s or Giordanos, and you’ll know what I’m talking about then they bring that huge deep pan out. The sauce is like fresh tomatoes, the meats so fresh, and the crust…like a biscuit.

OK, gotta go. This blogging thing makes me hungry…


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